November 3, 2016 (Los Angeles, CA) 

Women’s Volleyball National Team Members continue forward with the Give It Back Foundation to to inspire and empower the next generation of volleyball players as well as to engage communities by supporting local organizations. Each of the camp coaches has had the honor of representing the United States of America in the Olympics and or the World Championship competitions.  

The vision of GIBF is to run volleyball camps in the hometowns of the elite athletes. In partnership  with local Hawaiian Volleyball Clubs, they will cultivate self-confidence, self-awareness, leadership skills, and an excitement that allows every athlete to enjoy the process of working towards their goals.  

The impact is two-fold; all net profits of the camp will be given back to make an impact in the community that they teach and serve. The beneficiary of the Hawaii camp is HUGS Hawaii, Co-Founder Tama Miyashiro’s home state. 

The Women’s National Team Members feel very fortunate to have had some incredible experiences through the game of volleyball, and want to pass on what they’ve learned, and continue to learn, to the next generation.  

Camp Details: 

Camp Dates: December 3rd- 14th 2016

Location: Hawaiian Islands

Ages: This camp is for Incoming 9th Grade students and up! 

Cost:  $150-$200 per athlete, please see individual pricing



Co Founders: Courtney Thompson, Tama Miyashiro

GIBF Hawaii Coaches: Kristin Hildebrand, Nicole Davis, Alisha Glass and Lauren Paolini

*All athletes are Olympians, FIVB world champions, or both.


I am continually humbled and thankful for the opportunity we have to make a difference in the sport of volleyball, that has given us all a really fun way to experience the world.  The response to the Give It Back Foundation from my teammates, our communities, and the players we will eventually coach has been inspiring, and we can't wait to keep moving forward.

All of us on the national team remember what it felt like to be a young kid who could only dream of getting to compete at the next level, and we're so excited to help each kid further develop their tool kit that allows them to pursue whatever dreams they might have with more knowledge and excitement.

Courtney Thompson: Co-Founder

My wish is to pass along tools that I have learned that will help others on and off the court to be the best version of themselves. At GIBF we want to empower youth to work hard towards their goals and encourage them that with the right mindset they can accomplish so many things. 

I am especially excited to bring GIBF to the Hawaiian Islands. If you have ever visited Hawaii you might know that we truly love volleyball.  It is apart of our culture.  This camp will be filled with families who love and respect the sport. Everyone at GIBF is excited to get started!

Tama Miyashio: Co- Founder

About Give It Back Foundation:

Give It Back Foundation exists to bring funding and awareness to the local charities while inspiring and empowering young athletes through sport and an overall approach to living with a championship mindset.  

Through sport camps members of USA Women's National Team will cultivate self-confidence, self-awareness, leadership skills, and an excitement that allows every athlete to enjoy the process of working towards their goals and becoming their best self.  

About HUGS Hawaii: 

The HUGS mission is to improve the quality of life for families as they face the emotional and financial hardships of caring for a seriously ill child. Founded in 1982, HUGS was the concept of a small group of volunteers who recognized the many challenges and stressors that families with seriously ill children face. They dedicated themselves to establishing an agency that would provide support, compassion and aloha to keep these families together. Initially called the “Center,” it was later named the Young People’s Support Center before becoming known as HUGS (Help, Understanding, & Group Support) in 1989. Since its inception, HUGS has continued to grow in family numbers and services backed by a firm commitment that no family who qualifies will ever be turned away. HUGS is an entirely community supported agency through the Aloha United Way, fundraisers, grant, and generous donations throughout the years.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @GiveItBackFDN

Instagram: @GiveItBackFDN


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